Lookin' At Girlzzz: Christina Aguilera, Jenna Jameson, Shania, Rihanna!

Christina Aguilera Does Vegas!

Jenna Jameson Has a New Boo!

The iconic Jenna Jameson has a new romance with a lady named Jessi Lawless! 

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Shania Twain is NOT wearing any new outfits on stage on her tour.

 (She decided to bring back clothes she's worn in the past. This is her searching her closet for outfits that'll get a second life.)

Someday, Rihanna's gonna have to explain to her child why she wore a "Use a condom" shirt while it was still in her belly.

Heidi Klum turned 50 yesterday.

Angelina Jolie is looking for people to work at her new fashion house.

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Mattel is releasing new Barbie dolls based on the upcoming movie.

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We love a good '90s-inspired hairdo, and nothing makes it more visually satisfying than when a favorite A-lister is sporting the look.

Pamela Anderson's iconic G-String updo will always reign supreme, and the girlies will always pay homage to her for it. That being said, one of the gworls eating up the hairstyle currently is Khloe Kardashian — but we didn't expect anything less.

Pamela Anderson Reveals That G-String is The Mastermind Behind Her Iconic '90s Updo.

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Lizzo was ready to quit music because of all the body shamers out there . . . but a little sunshine, a little exercise, and Beyoncé's "Renaissance" album seem to have fixed that. 

GLAAD Media Awards – Los Angeles - Red Carpet

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