MUSIC: Carrie Underwood Is Opening Select Dates on Guns N' Roses Tour

Carrie Underwood Is Opening Select Dates on Guns N' Roses Tour



Carrie Underwood is a superstar who opens for nobody.  Wait, check that.  She's opening select dates on Guns N' Roses North American Tour.  She shared the dates on Instagram, and wrote, "So ready for this."



Carrie's love of Guns N' Roses runs deep.  She and Axl Rose have performed several times together and she clearly loves every minute of it.  

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Also, Chile's BFFS, The Warning, Are Opening Up for Them Too.

Watch Bruce Springsteen Wipe Out Onstage  



Bruce Springsteen wiped out during a show in Amsterdam on Saturday.  He was walking up a small flight of stairs during "Ghosts", when he fell face-first, then rolled onto his back.



It didn't look like he hit too hard, but members of the E Street Band rushed over and picked him up.



Once he got to his feet, he jokingly said, "Goodnight, everybody!" before strapping on a guitar and going on with the show.



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David Draiman from Disturbed says the tumor he had removed is BENIGN.

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Queens of The Stone Age Release "Carnavoyeur"

Just one week after the debut of their new single “Emotion Sickness,” Queens Of The Stone Age has released another track from their approaching album. “Carnavoyeur” is the second single from next month’s LP “In Times New Roman..." 

And are you a die-hard Queens Of The Stone Age fan who might want to hear the full album early? The band has just the opportunity for you… if you’re a member of their Midnight Club. Members are invited to 23 record stores, bars, and other venues around the country to hear the album before its June 16th release.

Information on that exclusive opportunity can be found on the band’s website

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The Top 40 New Wave Albums, According to Ultimate Classic Rock ranked the Top 40 new wave albums of the late '70s and early '80s.  Here are the Top 10:



1.  "Remain in Light," Talking Heads (1980)


2.  "Pretenders," The Pretenders (1979)


3.  "Parallel Lines",  Blondie (1978)


4.  "Rio," Duran Duran (1982)


5.  "The Cars," The Cars (1978)


6.  "Zenyatta Mondatta",  The Police (1980)


7.  "Dare," The Human League (1981)


8.  "This Year's Model," Elvis Costello (1978)


9.  "My Aim Is True," Elvis Costello (1977)


10.  "The B-52's",  The B-52's (1979)

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Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and Pitbull are hitting the road together in October.

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2022 Stagecoach Festival - Day 2

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