Ariana Madix Cashing In On "SCANDOVAL," Possibly Making $200K Per Deal

"Vanderpump Rules" star Ariana Madix is apparently cashing in on her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval's cheating scandal, reportedly earning up to six figures for multiple brand deals. As our friends at “TMZ” share, according to branding expert Bernt Ullmann Ariana's status as the victim of the "Scandoval" incident has made her a fan favorite, which has allowed her to negotiate a hefty price tag to promote products.

Ariana reportedly used to earn around $15k to $30k per brand deal. Now Ullmann suggests she now likely makes at least $75k, and possibly even up to $200k, due to all the attention she’s grabbed due to the affair.

Ariana has apparently seized on the opportunity, collaborating with BloomingdalesUberOne, BIC razors, MyJoyBurst Cocktails, and Raising Cane's. And of course, the brand deal we covered earlier, where she pretended to move out of the home she still shares with Tom, which turned out to be an ad for Sofi.

Source: TMZ

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