Leaked Audio of Houston’s Clay Walker Berating and Swearing at Bus Driver.

Somebody posted audio on TikTok of Clay Walker viciously berating his bus driver. He swears up a storm while yelling at the guy for being late, not cleaning up the bus, and being unprofessional.



Whoever posted it wrote this in the caption: "This is not my bullying. We're just outing someone who is. I guess 'The Chain of Love' ends with him after all. Share this to ensure it's seen, and he doesn't get away with it." 



Here's some of what Clay says in the clip. Quote, "I'm coming over here, and I'm going to tell you something. I can whip you [a**] with one hand tied behind my back. Don't say a [f******] word.


"Tomorrow, call your [f******] boss and get me an experienced [f******] driver out here because you're not that.  



After the video went viral, Clay issued this statement: "This happened over a year ago and it came at the end of a long, tough weekend. The bus driver and I reconciled immediately, and we are friends and stay in touch." 

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(Warning: The clip is loaded with profanities.)

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Photo: Getty Images

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