A Man Was Caught Stealing a Used Sex Toy

If you're stealing electronics, you may not care if it's new in the box or if it's the floor model. But what about if it's a SEX TOY?



A man in Australia was caught on a surveillance camera stealing from an adult store last weekend. The owner says he picked up a box . . . saw the $142 price tag . . . and put it down.  (Careful)  The item was a "very big" phallic toy.



But then he grabbed a "tester" version that was sitting out . . . stuffed it into his pocket . . . and walked away. He managed to get out of the store without being caught . . . but now the police have the video and are looking for him.



The owner says the guy must have thought the floor model was easier to steal than the one in the box. But he adds, "hygienic-wise, stealing a tester wouldn't be my first choice."  (!!!) 



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Photo: Getty Images

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