MUSIC: Metallica To Release "72 Seasons" Listening Party In Theaters!

Metallica To Release "72 Seasons" Listening Party In Theaters.

Metallica has always liked putting on a show. They’ve invited the entire world to a one-night concert… in movie theaters. The legendary rockers have teamed with Trafalgar Releasing to play their new album, “72 Seasons,” in movie theaters worldwide.

But this isn’t just a listening party. Metallica has included a video and commentary for each song on the album for the audience to enjoy. “This is a monumental opportunity for Metallica fans to be the first to hear the new album,” said Kymberli Frueh of Trafalgar. “We are thrilled to be a part of this historical global moment—connecting Metallica with their fans once again.”

Tickets are on sale through the Metallica website beginning March 2nd. You can head there now to set a calendar reminder.

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Foo Fighters Steps In For Pantera Following German Dismissal.

Two German music festivals have wasted no time in replacing metal legends Pantera. The Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park events dropped Pantera from their lineup due to some apparent Nazi and white supremacist comments made by frontman Phil Anselmo in the past.

Less than a day later, it’s Foo Fighters stepping in to save the day. And it was the Dave Grohl-led band- not the festivals- that made the announcement. “Germany, we’ll see you Friday, June 2nd,” wrote the band on their Instagram page.

Almost a month after the group announced it would be “a different band going forward,” Foo Fighters has confirmed appearances at multiple events in 2023. Among their performances are stopping at Boston Calling on Memorial Day weekend and Harley Davidson Homecoming in Milwaukee in July.


Don’t Like Pearl Jam… Is This Why?


The "There I Ruined It" guy imagined what Pearl Jam sounds like to people who don't like the band. 

Rivers Cuomo appears in Fall Out Boy's new video, "Heartbreak Feels So Good." 

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Check out this map of the most listened-to classic rock artists in pretty much every country on Earth. In the U.S. it's AC/DC. 

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This Is Why Nicolas Cage Loves Black Metal Music 


Nicolas Cage loves black metal music. But before you criticize, you might want to hear his explanation.



He said, quote, "[My son] Weston got me into the black metal music that is popular in Norway. [It] gets a pretty bad rap because of the church burnings and so on, but the music itself came from classical music.. .



"I think that's the root of metal, which is interesting as it springs from BachWagner, and Beethoven. You can't say that about so many forms of music, as so much of it came from gospel and African music . . .



"I think there's something to be said for that."



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SXSW Adds Killer Mike And More To Its Lineup.

SXSW continues to release the lengthy list of artists of all genres who will be playing at the Austin festival. Leading the performers announced yesterday are Atlanta rapper Killer Mike, British pop legends New Order and German electronic icons Tangerine Dream.

Along with live performances, all SXSW attendees have access to music conferences and exhibitions, along with featured speakers like Nick JonasBlxst, Wu-Tang Clan’s RZAEric AndréJosh D’AmaroTommy DorfmanAshley FlowersGottmikMartin Luther King IIIDamon Lindelof, and Eva Longoria, among others.

The 37th Annual SXSW festival happens March 13-18 in Austin, Texas - and a full schedule of announced events and participants can be found here.

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Metallica Presents: "The Helping Hands Concert"

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