Garth Brooks Asked Congress to Make Ticket Scalping Illegal

It might seem like everybody hates Ticketmaster, but one of the biggest country stars in the world doesn't.  Garth Brooks would like to call your attention to the real enemy . . . ticket scalpers.



He wrote a letter to Congress, asking to have them banned. And he started it off by praising Ticketmaster.  He said he's worked with them for many years, and what he witnessed was "a true concern and care for ticket buyers." 


He said he's "grown to love and trust the people at Ticketmaster." And then he presented his case. He said . . .



Quote, "My question is, as a country, why don't we make scalping illegal? The crush of bots during an on-sale is a huge reason for program failure, no matter who the ticket-selling company is. 



"And the one who always pays for this atrocity is the customer. Making scalping illegal eliminates bots, eliminates dynamic pricing controversies, [and] puts less pressure on the system because it puts everyone on a level playing field."

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