Now That Splash Mountain Is Closed, "Rare" Splash Mountain Water Is on eBay

A lot of people have memories from Disney World's Splash Mountain ride . . . some people have overpriced photos of themselves riding it . . . and now, you can buy overpriced WATER from the ride.



Splash Mountain closed on Monday in Florida. It's being redesigned as a new ride called Tiana's Bayou Adventure based on "The Princess and the Frog". It'll open sometime NEXT year.



Not surprisingly, people are trying to capitalize on the closure of the ride . . . but surprisingly, it is NOT the people at Disney.



Random people are selling "genuine" and "rare" water that they claim they got from the ride. The prices on eBay are all over the map, and some listings have only been bid up to a few bucks . . . other sellers are looking to get hundreds up to $1,000 for their Splash Mountain water.  (???)

You CAN still go to Disneyland in California, where that Splash Mountain is up and running. They ARE also replacing that ride, but a closing date hasn't been announced yet.



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Photo: Getty Images

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