“Snow Storming” Is The Latest Anti-Cuffing Trend

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“Snow Storming” Is The Latest Anti-Cuffing Trend: While many people want a “cuddle” partner during the winter, some people don’t. “Snow Storming” is when someone dumps their boo to get a fresh start in the new year. Even if they’re in a long term relationship, snow stormers just up and walk away. Sometimes they do it to leave a toxic situation or they reevaluate things and want better. What should you do before snow storming? Try these steps from relationship coach Kate Mansfield

  • Re-evaluating your priorities: Ask yourself, "Are they treating me in a way that feels good?" "Are they someone I respect?" "Is this relationship adding to my life?"
  • Trying to resolve your problems together before resorting to snow storming. 
  • Snow storming in-person: Be calm, open and honest in providing your partner closure.
  • Being upfront: "Make sure you are not just bored or playing games to avoid commitment." 
  • Changing your attitude about singlehood: Being single during cuffing season doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Source: USA Today

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