The Lamest U.S. Landmark to Visit Is . . . the Hollywood Sign?

There's a new survey out on American landmarks, and one question they asked was: "What was your LEAST favorite U.S. landmark?" And there were more than 30 choices.



The one that got the most hate was the Hollywood Sign, which isn't shocking. The locals have restricted access to the Hollywood Hills, so it's hard to see it up close . . . legally. So you're just seeing it from afar, like in pictures.



8% of people who had seen the Hollywood Sign said it was their least favorite landmark. 

Other unpopular ones are: The Brooklyn Bridge . . .

Times Square . . .

and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.



On the flipside, when people were asked about their FAVORITE landmark, Arlington National Cemetery was #1. 7% of people said it was the best. Other popular ones were: Mount Rushmore . . . the National Mall in D.C. . . . the Pearl Harbor National Memorial . . . and the Statue of Liberty.



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I guess no one in the survey has visited The Alamo… “I thought it would be bigger.” Ha

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Photo: Getty Images

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