Music: Slipknot's Corey Taylor "Stoked" About Second Solo Album!

Slipknot's Corey Taylor "Stoked" About Second Solo Album.

Corey Taylor can't wait for fans to hear the new music he’s busy working on. "I'm really, really excited. I mean, everything's just bigger this time, man,” said Taylor in a video he shared on his way to the studio. “Everything sounds better; everything's running better; everything's running hot.” 

This is the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman’s second solo album, following 2020’s “CMFT.” Taylor revealed last year that he wanted to wait until Slipknot’s tour was finished before throwing “together a really rad, 'rock is back' kind of tour for the solo stuff.” He even admitted that some of the songs have already been performed live, such as “Beyond” and “A Breath Of Fresh Smoke.”

There are no details about a release date, but it’s reported Taylor is working with producer Jay Ruston whose previous collaborations include Steel Panther and Anthrax

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Charlie Benante Out Of Anthrax Shows Due To Surgery.

Anthrax only kicked off its 2023 North American tour last week, but one bandmate has already had to take a step back. The band recently took to Instagram to share the news that drummer Charlie Benante will be missing “a few days” to have “a minor procedure.”

There’s been no word on what the procedure entails, but reports hint that it could be related to Benante’s previous admission that he struggles with carpal tunnel syndrome.

And in the same announcement, Anthrax revealed Derek Roddy of Hate Eternal (among other bands) is set to step in for Benante. But Anthrax assures, “Charlie will be back soon… The metal is still heavy, and the show must go on.”

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Travis Barker has Kourtney Kardashian's eyes tattooed on his thigh.

Marshall Tucker . . . Who Was Never in the Marshall Tucker Band . . . Has Died 



Marshall Tucker died last week, and you would think that would be devastating for the Marshall Tucker Band. But you would be WRONG.



You see, Marshall Tucker was never even in the Marshall Tucker Band.



He was a blind pianist who was 99 years old when he passed away. He used to tune pianos in a warehouse in Spartanburg, South Carolina.



Later, after he'd left the premises and handed in his key, the band started rehearsing there. They found an old keychain with Tucker's name on it, and since they needed a name themselves, they just took it.



Singer Doug Gray, who's the only original member left in the band, has said they didn't even know Marshall Tucker was a person. They thought it was a company name. 



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A reggae tribute to David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" is on the way. It's called "Ziggy Stardub." 

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Hayley Williams Fires Back At Fat Mike

Hayley Williams isn’t so sure people remember emo correctly. The Paramore lead singer took exception to the current nostalgia for emo and called that world out for not being a safe space for those who were different. Williams made comments to a crowd at the "When We Were Young" event last October that it wasn't safe “if you were different, if you were a young woman if you were a person of color if you were queer. And that's really f***ed up if you think about it, because this was supposed to be the safe place, wasn't it?"

And now Williams is calling out fellow rockers like Fat Mike for how they viewed her. Loudwire points out that she claims NOFX frontman made sexual comments about her while onstage when she was 19. “I do not think that that's punk,” said Williams. “I don't think that's the essence of punk. And I feel strongly that without young women, people of color, and the queer community, we would still be where we were then."

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Miranda Lambert Shocked Fans by Revealing She Wrote a Song with Jelly Roll and Telemitry


Yesterday, Miranda Lambert shocked her fans by revealing that she wrote a song with Jelly Roll and Telemitry. There's no word on a title or a release date yet . . . but Miranda's fans on social media were losing it.



The comments include: Quote, "OMG THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!" And quote, "This just made my life!! Never been so happy." 

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Celebrating David Bowie

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