CRIMINALS: A School Cafeteria Worker Was Arrested for Selling Pot Brownies.

When you were in school, did any cafeteria workers demonstrate above-and-beyond culinary talents?



A 45-year-old woman in Louisiana named Tymetrica Cohns was a "temporary cafeteria worker" at a high school when she was accused of selling homemade baked goods laced with marijuana.



And yes, it was happening AT the school, not as a side hustle. She sold to at least one student, and it sounds like they knew what they were getting.



She was caught when another student found out and notified the authorities through a Crime Stoppers app.



Tymetrica was arrested last week and is facing charges . . . but there aren't any details on the size of the operation she was running.



The school district says she was hired by a staffing service that places fill-in employees within schools. You have to think they're in hot water too. 

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Photo: Getty Images

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