3 Things You Must See Today: TOADZILLA

Must See… “TOADZILLA”!


Rangers in Australia were stunned when they stumbled across "Toadzilla" . . . a toad that weighs six pounds and maybe the largest toad on record. 

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A Dog Imitates a Heartfelt Moment on a TV Show


Here's a sweet dog video. A man and his Great Dane are on the couch watching a TV show featuring a dog resting its head on its owner's thigh. It takes about 30 seconds for the Great Dane to do the same.  

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A Customer Service Call with a Woman Ranting Like She's Possessed



A customer service employee at an Internet provider posted a video of a frustrated caller screaming at the top of her lungs like she was possessed. You only see the phone, but you hear their exchange, and it's memorable.



(Warning: The video is loaded with EXTREME profanities.)


Photo: Getty Images

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