The Most Popular Super Bowl Party Food in America Is . . . Meatballs?

It's less than a month until the Super Bowl, so if you're planning your party, you might want to add MEATBALLS to the list.



Someone looked at Google data to compile a list of the most popular grub for Super Bowl parties . . . and somehow they found that America's TOP CHOICE is meatballs.  



The rest of the Top 10 is: Guacamole . . . chips and salsa . . . tater tots . . . chili . . . buffalo wings . . . hummus . . . nachos . . . pigs in a blanket . . . and spinach artichoke dip.



Pizza didn't cut, but maybe that's because many people munch on finger foods and snacks. In a poll, 70% of people say they mainly eat appetizers on Super Bowl Sunday. And 74% say they make food for the game rather than ordering.



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