Criminals: Did a Taco Bell Worker Put Rat Poison in a Customer's Burrito?

Did a Taco Bell Worker Put Rat Poison in a Rude Customer's Burrito?


 Never be a jerk to fast food workers. They might spit in your food, or worse . . .



Some guy went to a Taco Bell near Denver on Sunday and got into it with employees because the soda machine wasn't working. So they gave him an extra burrito to diffuse things.



Now one or more employees could be in big trouble . . . after he ate the burrito and almost DIED. 



A nearby hospital called the cops that night to report he'd been POISONED, and it was definitely the burrito. He saved it for dinner and got so sick, he had to call 911. They ended up finding RAT POISON in it. 



The manager of the Taco Bell says they don't keep rat poison around, and that the guy's a regular who's caused problems before. So she seems to be suggesting he might have done it to himself to get them in trouble.



The health department closed the place down, but let it reopen later. Cops are looking through security footage to see if it shows anything. They're currently investigating it as an attempted homicide. 

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A Totally California Crime: Thieves Try to Rob a Cannabis Dispensary . . . But Crash Into Solar Panels



At this point, everyone knows the profile of a "Florida Man" or "Florida Woman" in the police blotter. But this is a VERY California crime: 



Three men were arrested on Tuesday after trying to rob at least two cannabis dispensaries . . . in Northern California's wine country . . .



And during their high-speed escape, one of the thieves cars . . . a Mercedes . . . ran off the road and crashed into a field of SOLAR PANELS.


The suspects were charged with suspicion of conspiracy, possessing burglary tools, resisting arrest, and evading police officers. It's unclear what they took . . . but a dispensary in the area that was robbed the day before says that they were robbed of $40,000 in products and cash. 

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