Criminals: A Man Was Arrested for Shoplifting and He Had 37lbs of Marijuana

If you're going to shoplift, you'll have to explain why you have things you shouldn't have . . . even if it isn't something from the store.



A 28-year-old man in Georgia named Markus Tull was arrested on Saturday after he was caught "skip scanning" at a Walmart's self-checkout.  



Walmart security said he didn't scan at least 24 items . . . worth roughly $165. The police showed up, and arrested him. That's when Markus asked the cops if he could keep the items that he DID scan.



The officers agreed, and Markus gave them the key to his car and told them to place them in the backseat. But the cops opened the trunk instead, and inside they found 37 POUNDS of marijuana and a bag of Psilocybin mushrooms.



And now Markus is in a LOT more trouble. The charges against him include: Possession with the intent to distribute, trafficking, shoplifting, and possession of drug-related objects.

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A man in Tennessee was driving drunk when he let his five-year-old son take the wheel.

 They crashed their car into a neighbor's mailbox. It sounds like the kid will be okay . . . the dad was charged with DUI. 

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Photo: Getty Images

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