Criminals: A Man Tries to Grab a Barista Through A Drive-Thru Window!

A Man Tries to Grab a Barista Through A Drive-Thru Window!

A video made the rounds yesterday of a man trying to KIDNAP a female barista. He "attempted to drag her through the [drive-thru] window using a looped ziptie device." Thankfully, she got away, and he's since been arrested . . . possibly due to the large tattoo on his arm that says, "Chevrolet." 

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An Angry Husband Rammed His Own House with a Car, Then a Dump Truck


Maybe this guy forgot that he ALSO gets half in the divorce: Some idiot in L.A. rammed his car into his OWN HOUSE the other day . . . then came back with a DUMP TRUCK to do even more damage.



It was all because his wife divorced him and filed for a restraining order this month. It sounds like she needed one.



According to neighbors, 62-year-old Ronald Dunn showed up Sunday afternoon in a white Chevy Impala and "tore up the garage door" with it. Then he left but came back minutes later in a dump truck and crashed it into the house multiple times. He also smashed up cars on the street, and it's all on video.



It's not clear where he got the dump truck. He eventually drove off in it but still wasn't done. He returned a third time to do it again in the same Chevy Impala.



Cops are catching flack for taking over 30 minutes to get there. They say the initial report was a car crash, not a crime. So that's why.



Last we heard, they hadn't said if he'd been charged yet, or was still on the run. His soon-to-be-ex said she was staying somewhere else, just in case he decided to come back.   

(Here's a clip and the full UNCENSORED video.)

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A Police Dog Has Been Accused of Stealing a Fellow Cop's Lunch



A police department in Michigan is dealing with criminal activity INSIDE the station . . . and the perp is allegedly one of their own.



A few days ago, the Wyandotte Police Department accused Officer Ice of STEALING from another cop, Officer Barwig. Ice stole Barwig's LUNCH, and it's probably worth mentioning, Officer Ice is a POLICE DOG.  (???)



In a playful post on social media, the department said, "Stealing is not only a crime but also morally wrong. [As a] police officer, you're required you to take an oath . . . [including] a promise to protect person's property."


According to the report, Barwig was called out of the break room . . . leaving his half-eaten lunch on the table. 

When he returned, it was gone. And he witnessed Ice "licking his chops." And this isn't the first time he's been accused.



It's unclear what kind of disciplinary action Ice might be facing . . . but the department said they're "considering Facebook followers' opinions" on how to proceed with the investigation. So far, a lot of people are pointing out that the evidence sounds "circumstantial." 

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