3 Things You Must See: Watch As Mini Horse In Backseat Waits In Drive-Thru.

Watch As Mini Horse In Backseat Waits In Drive-Thru.


A mini-horse was spotted waiting patiently in the backseat of a car at a McDonald's drive-thru in Australia. 

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 Is "Panera Karen" Right or Wrong?



Are you in the mood for a debate? The Internet always is, and this one has gone viral. A woman posted a video of her exchange with a Panera Bread drive-thru employee who wouldn't take her order because her child was screaming.



That exchange has already happened by the time she starts filming, although the little girl still has a good scream left in her. Interestingly, after the woman posted it, most commenters were "Team Panera Guy."


Little Girl Confuses Martin Luther King with Jesus



It's cute when kids mispronounce words and jumble facts. A little girl learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. in school this week. But she pronounced it, "Martha Lucr King, Jr." When she was asked what he did, she said, "He died for our sins."


Photo: Getty Images

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