Food: Taco Bell Brings Back Crispy Chicken Wings A New Game Day Wings Box.

Taco Bell Brings Back Crispy Chicken Wings A New Game Day Wings Box.

Beginning this Thursday, January 19, Taco Bell is bringing back its Crispy Chicken Wings for the second year. These bone-in wings come in a five-piece serving for $6.99 (up a dollar from last year) and are a combination of drums, and flats fried crispy and dusted with a bold Mexican orange-colored flavoring.

Some locations will also offer a Game Day Wings Box with eight crispy-fried Chicken Wings, four Crunchy Tacos, one Mexican Pizza, and two Spicy Ranch Drips. The box is priced at $22, and both items are available at participating locations nationwide starting January 19, 2023. One additional note is that prices may vary.

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Waffle House Says They Aren't Making Any Hacks You Saw on TikTok



Chain restaurants are pressured to accept custom, off-menu orders that have gone viral as "hacks" on social media. But one Waffle House location doesn't have it.



Someone posted a video of a Waffle House with a sign at the register that said, "Order from the menu. We are NOT MAKING anything you saw on TikTok!"



It was a handwritten sign, so it doesn't sound like it's a corporate rule . . . yet. Waffle House hasn't commented.



It's unclear if this was spurned by anything specific, but the latest Waffle House hack involves the creation of a GIANT WAFFLE CHEESEBURGER. 

In another UNCENSORED video, a Waffle House worker warns people that this custom order could cost you $20 to $30, depending on how they ring it up.


TikTok users have mixed feelings. Some admit that hacks are annoying. They can be headaches for employees . . . or get them into trouble.



But some argue that viral hacks are free publicity . . . and rejecting hacks is turning away business.  



By the way, Chipotle seems to be EMBRACING TikTok.



In recent weeks, a hack went viral where you could alter their steak quesadilla to make it into something that tastes like a Philly cheesesteak.  

And Chipotle liked it enough that they're adding it to their menu. It'll be OFFICIALLY available beginning in March.



In a statement, they said, "We're amazed by the passion of our fans and their ability to find unique ways to enjoy our hand-crafted quesadillas with Chipotle's real ingredients."



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Over wild card playoff weekend, you may have seen the new commercial featuring Tony Romo recreating a classic scene from "Caddyshack." 

Here's Tony, doing his best, Carl Spackler, and taking his landscaping tool to the flowers outside the clubhouse.

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Here Are 10 Rare Snack Aisle Finds That Have Almost Disappeared

The demand for snacks since the pandemic has increased exponentially from $116.6 billion in sales in 2017 to an estimated $150.6 billion in 2022 according to CNN and due to supply chain problems and shortages your favorite items may have disappeared from your store’s snack aisle. The EatThis, NotThat! folks have found 10 that have been difficult to find and where to get them.

  • Hostess Fruit Pies – these snacks disappeared back in 2012 when Hostess declared bankruptcy but a new owner brought them back to the market in 2013. You can find single-serve packs in Walmart in Apple and Cherry flavors but if you want Blackberry, Lemon, Chocolate or Peach an independent online seller may be your best bet. Unfortunately, some customers have complained about the quality with one Reddit user saying “Now they are just a shell of their former self…sad.”
  • Bugles – the cone-shaped chips have been discontinued in Canada as of November 2022 but are still available in the U.S.
  • Flamin’ Hot Crunchy Cheetos – Frito-Lay announced a pause in production of this flavor during the pandemic with a tweet back in May of 2020 but they are showing up now in limited numbers. According to The Cold Wire demand still exceeds the supply so keep your eyes open in case they show up at your favorite store.
  • Chester’s Hot Fries – these Frito-Lay Chester Cheetah brand of snacks started showing shortages during worker strikes in 2021 and Reddit user u/PrisonChickenWing commented “Been many months since I saw them in a store like CVS, Walmart or Schnucks.” They ARE still in production but you may need to do some hunting to find them.
  • 5Flamin’ Hot Flavored Funyuns – this is another Frito-Lay product that has been hard to locate but a company tweet by @TheRealFunyuns said “y’all chill, I’m still around. just getting snatched up as soon as people find me. didn’t mean to make you worry.”
  • 3D Doritos – 3D Doritos were originally a snack introduced in the ’90s but fans petitioning Frito-Lay were able to get the company to bring them back in Spicy Ranch and Nacho Cheese flavors in 2020. They aren’t loved by everyone so if you want to find them head to the Doritos website.
  • 7Dunkaroos – this childhood classic snake was discontinued in 2012 but the vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles flavor with a kangaroo theme has returned. The product’s store locator says to try Wawa, Walmart, Circle K, and 7-Eleven as the best places to find them.
  • Planters Cheez Balls – Cheez Balls were popular in the ’90s, discontinued in 2006 but brought back permanently in 2019 per the Insider. You can purchase them at some Kroger and Meijer stores according to the Planters website.
  • 9Teddy Grahams – Nabisco makes these bear-shaped cookies but one Reddit user says “I do Instacart and I’ve noticed that all Teddy Grahams are hard to find lately!” You may be able to find some on the company website but it may be a good idea to call your grocer to make sure they have them in stock.
  • Mother’s Original Circus Animal Cookies – these pink and white frosted cookies shaped like lions, elephants, and camels first showed in 1914 and they’re still around today if you look hard to find them. Mother's product locator can help out and says that select locations of 7-Eleven, Dollar General, and other convenience stores are the best source to get them for yourself.

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Taco Bell To Hand Out Free Tacos And Donate Funds To Childhood Hunger Campaign

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