Criminals: A Man Was Arrested For Letting Toddler Walk with a Loaded Gun?

A Man Was Arrested After Letting a Toddler Walk Around an Apartment Complex with a Loaded Gun?



A 45-year-old man in Indiana named Shane Osborne was arrested on Saturday for felony child neglect . . . after he allowed a toddler to walk around an apartment complex with a LOADED GUN.



A neighbor called the police after seeing the kid on their surveillance camera holding the gun . . . and pulling the trigger. The kid was only wearing a diaper.



The police showed up . . . and LIVE footage of the arrest was broadcast on a reality TV show called "On Patrol: Live," which follows cops on duty. They also showed surveillance footage of the kid with the gun. 



The man claimed he didn't know that his son had a gun, and he has trouble watching him at all times because "he's quick."  (???) He also claimed that he didn't own a gun but that his cousin did, and he'd been there recently.



Police found the semiautomatic gun on a desk. There were 15 rounds in the magazine, but the chamber was empty, thankfully. 

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YouTuber Corey Struve Was Arrested for Public Intoxication and Attacking a Cop 


 YouTuber (slash) influencer Corey Struve was arrested at a hotel bar near the golf course at Pebble Beach, California, on Sunday.



Police say Corey was celebrating her birthday, and she got a little too drunk. She started getting belligerent, and security asked her to return to her room. She refused, and the police were called. During her arrest, she KICKED a cop.



She was booked on charges including public intoxication, trespassing, resisting arrest, and battery on an officer.



Corey denies resisting arrest or attacking an officer and says she was slammed to the floor in handcuffs without being read her rights.



She also says she suffered injuries to her shoulder, arm, and face . . . and showed them off on social media.



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Three guys from New York were busted in Pennsylvania with 83 POUNDS of marijuana and $120,000 in counterfeit money. 

The police got a pretty helpful tip when one of the three men CALLED 911. It's unclear WHY he did that . . . because he was also charged. 

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A man in Florida tried to rob a Publix with a black stapler. 

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Police in Texas is looking for a "guinea pig breeder" who has been releasing dozens of guinea pigs along highways since late summer. 

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Gunmaker Smith & Wesson Reports Drop In Quarterly Earnings

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