Bride Cancels Wedding, Dumps Fiancé After Guests Refuse To Pay

In a lengthy Facebook post that was shared to Reddit, the ex-bride explains the whole saga that ended in her canceling the wedding and dumping her fiancé after their wedding guests didn’t jump at the chance to cough up $15-hundred a piece to go to their destination “dream wedding.”

The unnamed bride writes that she was calling off the wedding just four days before it was supposed to happen. She gets into all the details about how she met her man when they were teenagers, that they were high school sweethearts and got engaged at just 18. They went on to have a son and started saving for their dream wedding, but only saved about $15-hundred. Still, they wanted a huge, epic blowout wedding and after a psychic advised them to go for the pricier venue, they did, not letting the $60-thousand price tag or the cost of everyone going to Aruba for the event stop their plans.

To help pay for this extravaganza, the bride asked for cash gifts, and her maid of honor offered to give them $5-thousand, while the groom’s parents offered $3-thousand. Others were asked to pay that $15-hundred a piece and when only eight guests did, the bride became a bridezilla. “If you can’t contribute, you weren’t invited to our exclusive wedding,” she writes. The couple lowered the fee to $1,000 per guest and started a GoFundMe to help with expenses. The groom foolishly suggested they tie the knot in Vegas instead, but she was disgusted by that idea. Then the maid of honor and bridesmaids backed out, asking for their deposit for the wedding back, but the bride refused. In the end, she canceled the wedding, broke up with her fiancé and deleted her social media accounts and was cutting all her “snake” friends off.

Source: Your Tango

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