Criminals: A Guitar Center Employee Takes Down a Violent Customer.

A Guitar Center Employee Takes Down a Violent Customer.

Here's a Guitar Center employee physically removing a belligerent drunk who was threatening the customers. As they drag him out, he grabs an acoustic guitar and smashes it in the doorway. By the end, they smash his head into a folding sign outside. (This happened last week in Albuquerque, New Mexico.)

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Michael Myers Made a Police Department's "Wanted" List on Friday the 13th.



Cops in Savannah, Georgia, posted a guy's mugshot on Friday, hoping someone might turn him in.



It was Friday the 13th, and his name is . . . MICHAEL MYERS.



To be clear, that's the villain in the "Halloween" movies, not "Friday the 13th". That's Jason Voorhees. People online think it's a fun coincidence, though.



Also, the first "Halloween" came out just over 44 years ago . . . and the Michael Myers they're looking for happens to be 44 years old.



He's wanted for violating his probation. It's unclear if they've found him yet, but his mugshot is trending online. 

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Photo: Getty Images

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