It's Friday the 13th! Here is EVERYTHING You Need To Know

It's Friday the 13th! Are you feeling nervous? If so, you're not alone. Around one in five people are with you on that. Here's a quick round-up of Friday the 13th nonsense . . .



1. A recent poll found 19% of us think Friday the 13th really is bad luck. So almost one in five people are true believers.



2. 26% overall say there's at least one thing in life they're superstitious about. 21% think breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder can cause bad luck. Opening an umbrella indoors, 19% . . . black cats, 15% . . . the 13th floor of a building, 13% . . . and stepping on a crack, 12%.  



3. We'll have two Friday the 13th's this year. The next one is in October. Fun fact: There's always at least one per year, but never more than three. The next time we'll have three is in 2026.





4. The word for a fear of Friday the 13th is impossible to pronounce and 23 letters long: "Paraskevidekatriaphobia"  (Pair-uh-skevvy-decka-try-uh-phobia).



5.  If you're not superstitious, it's a good day to fly. According to, Friday the 13th plane tickets tend to be cheaper, because no one wants to cruise around at 30,000 feet today.



study in 2013 found it's actually a safer day to fly than average. That said, the plane crash from the movie "Alive" happened on a Friday the 13th in 1972.



6. If you don't care about bad luck, and you're just hungry:  Wendy's is giving out free French fries today with any order. You just have to order online. 



They're calling it their "FRY-day the 13th" deal. But it's available tomorrow too, and every day for the next week.


Premiere of Warner Bros.' "Friday The 13th" - Arrivals

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