Criminals: A Gamer Accidentally Called 911, and Says He "Killed Two People"

A Gamer Accidentally Called 911, and the Operator Heard Him Say He "Killed Two People"


 It isn't often that the REAL police come to question you about something you did in a VIDEO GAME.



A 17-year-old in Kentucky named Elijah was playing the tactical shooter game "Rainbow Six Siege" at his home when he accidentally butt-dialed 911. 



Elijah was using the voice-chat feature in the game . . . and the operator heard him say, "I killed two people." He meant IN THE GAME, of course . . . but the operator didn't know that.



Within a few minutes, the police swarmed his house to question him about this double homicide "confession." 



Naturally, Elijah FREAKED OUT when he answered the door and had guns pointed at him.

Elijah later said that he realized he'd called 911 by accident just before the cops showed up . . . so when he noticed all the cop cars outside, he made sure to come out of the house with his hands up.



He said he was "shaking so hard" during the entire situation.



Eventually, Elijah and the police were able to figure out what happened . . . and one officer even calmed him down by asking him who his favorite character is to play in the game. 



He said it was Ying . . . and the cop said he also liked to play as her.



Elijah said the guy was cool and would love to play the game WITH the officer someday. He said the cops were all great . . . considering the circumstances . . . and they made sure he was okay before they left.



As for HOW he called 911, it's easier than you think. Elijah said he has an iPhone, and there's a feature on the lock screen where it'll automatically dial emergency services if you hold down the side button and volume button.


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A Man Robbed a Woman at a Gas Station . . . After She Rejected His Flirtation?


Police in Houston is looking for a suspect who had a very bizarre interaction with a woman at a gas station on Christmas Eve.



A 20-year-old woman said that at about 10:45 P.M. on December 24th, a Black man in his early 20s walked up to her in a gas station and started flirting with her. She ignored him at first, but he wouldn't stop, so she said she wasn't interested and walked outside.



The guy followed her out and begged her for her number. She refused . . . told him she had a boyfriend . . . and wished him a good night.



That's when the guy decided to ROB HER.  (???) He demanded her purse . . . while holding his hand inside his pocket in a way that suggested he had a gun.



He snatched the purse . . . said, "Where's your boyfriend now?" . . . walked back to his vehicle . . . and drove off. The man was caught on surveillance cameras . . . but the police are still trying to locate him.  

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