Criminals: Man Tries Backflip During Sobriety Test.

Man Tries Backflip During Sobriety Test


An Ohio man was arrested after doing a backflip in front of officers to prove that he was sober. Here is the moment Tanner Watson did the flip to prove that he wasn’t under the influence . . . but the police weren't buying it.

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Burglars Are Caught Because Their Truck Had a Cardboard Sign Saying "Stolen Tag"



The most important thing when committing a crime is NOT attracting attention to yourself. And yet, some criminals just can't help it.



Two men in their 30s were arrested in Florida last Thursday for allegedly committing multiple burglaries. They were caught because their truck didn't have a license plate . . . it just had a cardboard sign that said "Stolen Tag." 



The police say witnesses spotted the pickup outside several houses where the burglaries occurred . . . specifically, people noticed the sign.



The police were alerted and able to track down the truck and pull it over. When they searched it, they found stolen items, including jewelry and a handgun.



The men are facing multiple charges of grand theft and burglary, and it isn't the first time. The men have previous convictions for theft on their records.

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Another mature, respectful tourist has posted a video of themselves PEEING at the site of the volcano eruptions in Hawaii.

 Locals are fired up about it, but that's exactly what these morons want: Attention. 

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Miami Police Erect DUI Checkpoints During Holiday Season

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