Toilet Flush Gender Reveal Called The Worst Ever? End Them!

Gender reveal parties have been a thing for 15 years now. A mommy blogger started the trend in 2008 when she cut into a pink cake and revealed she was having a girl. 



Since then, people have gotten more creative with them . . . and started more than a few fires. But is this a new low?

A dad in the Philippines is going viral after revealing his baby's gender . . . by FLUSHING A TOILET.



He dyed the water in the toilet tank and decorated the bathroom with pink and blue balloons.



He had the whole family crammed into the bathroom . . . flushed the toilet . . . and the water was BLUE, so it's a boy.



He called it a "low-budget" and fun way to deliver the news to everyone. And for what it's worth, they all seemed to enjoy it.



So is it the WORST gender reveal ever? No one died, so probably not. But it might be the least classy gender reveal yet. 

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