Man Divorcing His Perpetually Late Wife

The Big Story - Man Divorcing His Perpetually Late Wife

On Reddit, a man hit their “True Off My Chest” forum to vent about his reason for finally divorcing the lady in his life. It’s not because of an affair, a midlife crisis, or anything like that…it’s because she’s always late to for almost everything, and he’s finally had enough.

The way he tells it, his wife of 12 years has “not made even the slightest amount of effort to be on time for anything” they’ve done. That is, of course, it’s something she wants to do…like going to a concert, for which she wanted to be an hour early. He says he noticed the problem over a decade ago when they started dating. Back then, the “average wait times were 15 minutes to an hour.”

Because he loved her, he looked past all that. Somehow, though, things managed to get worse after the “I do’s” were said. Now, he says he’s reached his limit because dinner reservations are out the window, their kid’s play dates with friends are always on-hold, and their friends can’t count on them to be on time. What’s worse is, since he filed for divorce, family and friends keep “spamming” saying they don’t understand and pleading with him to reconsider. Still, if someone doesn’t respect your time, then they don’t respect you, and that’s something he should’ve caught on to while they were dating…right?

Source: Reddit/True Off My Chest

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