CRIMINALS: A Porch Pirate Wore Women's Underwear on His Head as a Mask.

A Porch Pirate Wore Women's Underwear on His Head as a Mask


Thanks to covid, everyone in America owns a mask now. Except maybe this guy . . .



Cops in Tulsa, Oklahoma arrested a porch pirate over the weekend . . . after he stole a package while wearing WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR on his head to hide his identity.



A security camera got it on video, and a cop recognized him . . . because he also wore panties on his head during a few other recent porch pirate thefts. They got a shot of his license plate this time, and used the photos to confirm it was him.



His name is Spencer Gougler. Police showed up at his house, and he wouldn't let them in until they got a warrant. But once they did, he surrendered.



The Tulsa Police Department made fun of him on Facebook and posted screenshots. They called the underwear a, quote, "unusual and questionably effective" mask.



He's facing multiple charges of robbery, grand theft, and knowingly concealing stolen property.

(Here are two screenshots they released from the video, and here's his mugshot.)


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A Woman Pulled a Gun After Her Boss Said She Called in Sick Too Much



If you call into work sick, you can't let your boss catch you out having fun. And you can't do THIS either . . .



A 24-year-old named Dyneisha Holliday texted her boss at a Family Dollar store in Memphis last month and said she was too sick to come in, which is something she does a lot.



So her boss told her she was calling in sick too much and responded by removing her from the schedule completely. And Dyneisha countered by showing up at the store . . . and pulling a GUN.  (So she wasn't THAT sick.)



According to police, she waved the gun while customers and other employees were there. Luckily, she didn't fire any shots.



While she was being escorted out, she threatened to shoot up the boss's car. She also grabbed a stapler and threw it at them.



All this happened on December 27th, but she got arrested last Thursday. She's facing charges for aggravated assault and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. 


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A Florida man is accused of throwing a beer on a five-month-old baby during a drunken rampage.

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