Criminals: Man Wants To Go Back To Jail 5 Hours After Being Released?

Man Wants To Go Back To Jail 5 Hours After Being Released?


A man in Louisiana threw a rock through the main entrance of a correctional center so he could go back to jail. He'd just been released five hours earlier . . . but he told police he wanted a place to sleep and a meal. 

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A man was accused of smuggling cocaine to Australia inside Kinder Surprise chocolate toy capsules. 

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Two Arsonists Set Themselves on Fire After Pouring Gas Onto a Business



You might think that arson is a crime even a STUPID criminal could pull off successfully . . . but you'd be wrong.



Two suspects were caught on surveillance footage outside a business in California just after midnight on Monday night. You can see them pouring gas everywhere around the outside of the building.



But they were too haphazard when it came to light it . . . because the blaze immediately shot up and caught THEM on fire too. 



You can actually see the flames on the clothing of both of the arsonists . . . but instead of doing the stop, drop, and roll thing, they just ran off . . . while on fire.



Firefighters came and put it out, but the building was badly damaged. The two arsonists are still on the loose . . . and it's unclear how badly they were hurt.



The police released the video in the hopes that they could be identified

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Photo: Getty Images

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