Prince Harry Attended His Brother's Wedding with a Frostbitten Penis.

It's easy to become numb to the barrage of news being generated by Prince Harry's upcoming memoir "Spare." And speaking of numb, did you hear about Harry's frostbitten penis?  



In one of about a ZILLION excerpts from the book that are cluttering up the Internet, Harry claims he was in that delicate condition during his brother Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton.



Harry got frostbite on several body parts after an expedition to the North Pole in March of 2011.



He says, quote, "Pa was very interested, and sympathetic about the discomfort of my frost nipped ears and cheeks. While the ears and cheeks were already healing, the todger wasn't. It was becoming more of an issue by the day."



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Prince William and Prince Harry once got into a PHYSICAL altercation over Harry's relationship with Meghan Markle . . ., but it was pretty one-sided.



At least that's what Harry says in his upcoming autobiography, "Spare."



Harry says it happened at his London home in 2019 when William called Meghan "difficult," "rude," and "abrasive."



Harry accused William of just parroting the media narrative about Meghan, and the argument escalated to the point that William ATTACKED his brother.


Harry says, quote, "He grabbed me by the collar, ripping my necklace, and he knocked me to the floor. I landed on the dog's bowl, which cracked under my back, the pieces cutting into me.



"I lay there for a moment, dazed, then got to my feet and told him to get out."



William reportedly tried to get Harry to fight back, but he refused. Harry says William left, but then he returned, quote, "looking regretful, and apologized."



"Spare" comes out next Tuesday. The title refers to William being the HEIR to the throne, and Harry is the SPARE in case anything happens to him.


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Insiders Reportedly Say King Charles Is Open To Reconciling With Harry & Meghan.

King Charles III is reportedly trying to bring his family back together this year. There have been tensions between Charles and his youngest son, Prince Harry, recently, but sources tell the Telegraph that Charles has made it clear that he loves both of his sons and that his door remains open to Harry and Meghan Markle.

This news comes soon after palace insiders stated that Charles was angry over comments made by Harry and Meghan in their Netflix series “Harry & Meghan,” and the King failed to mention Harry & Meghan in his Christmas address which the pair reportedly took as a “snub.”

Meanwhile, Harry recently stated that Charles and Prince William have shown "absolutely no willingness to reconcile" and that he would like to get his father and brother back. Charles has heard his son’s latest overtures and is ready to talk.

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