CRIMINALS: A Teen Was Anonymously Cyberbullied . . . By Her Mother?

A Teen Was Anonymously Cyberbullied . . . By Her Mother?



A lot of parents struggle with cyberbullying . . . because it's difficult to control WHAT'S happening to your kids. But one mom understood it so well that she GOT IN ON THE ACT.



A 42-year-old woman in Michigan named Kendra Licari was arrested recently after she cyberbullied her own daughter and the boy she was dating. The harassment went on for over a year, and included 349 pages of text and social media messages.



She was doing it anonymously, and she was kind of sophisticated about it. She used a VPN to cover-up her tracks digitally . . . she changed up her vocabulary to use hip slang to make it look like the messages were written by classmates . . . and she even tried to frame another student for the harassment.



At first, the victim even went to her mom for help . . . but when that didn't work, she told the authorities. The investigation went on for around a year before the mother was caught.



Kendra was hit with five charges, including stalking . . . obstruction of justice . . . and using a computer to commit a crime, which is a felony. She's looking at up to 20 years in prison. 


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Florida Man Gets A Citation For Dying His Dog To Look Like Pikachu.

During a Miami Heat game last week, Erik Torres took his dog to the game. It caught everyone’s attention because its fur was dyed to make it look like the Pokemon Pikachu, but not all of the attention was happy about what he had done to his dog. Miami-Dade County Animal Services says it’s against the law to have or sell “any dyed or artificially colored rabbit or another animal.” Torres is getting a citation with a fine of around $200, and he says he plans to appeal. “I had no idea this ordinance even existed,” he said.

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Photo: Isabella County Jail mugshot

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