Music: System Of A Down Blames Band Tension For Lack Of Material.

System Of A Down Blames Band Tension For Lack Of Material


System Of A Down drummer is not holding back about drama within the band. John Dolmayan recently admitted that the band hasn’t been able to release new music since 2005 because “we couldn’t come together and agree.” But, Dolmayan continues, the majority of that disagreement comes from one member of the band: lead singer Serj Tankian.

“Serj hasn’t really wanted to be in the band for a long time,” Dolmayan admits. “And quite frankly, we probably should have parted ways in 2006.” The drummer goes on to say that when the band did reunite to record new music “certain rules were set in place that made it difficult for us to do so.”

And while Dolmayan admits each member of the band shares some blame in that, he still points the finger at Tankian. “But at the end of the day, if you have a majority of the band thinking one way and one person thinking the other, it's very difficult to come together.”

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DeLonge Calls New Album "Best We've Ever Made"


You’d think Blink-182 had never broken up in the first place. Tom DeLonge has been a cheerleader for the band’s new work since returning to the group in October 2022. And now, the frontman took to Instagram to express his enthusiasm for their upcoming album.

“This is the best album we’ve ever made,” DeLonge wrote. “Buckle up. I’m personally tripping and so proud of what we have created TOGETHER. As one unified force of fun, eternal youth, and most of all – close friends.” The lovefest has been mutual, as drummer Travis Barker has also been dropping hints and showing off pieces of the new album on social media.

Blink-182 hasn’t announced a title or release date yet, but their upcoming international tour kicks off in March and runs for almost an entire year.


Hopefully, this is the last week that Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" rules the Hot 100.

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Iggy Pop says he was once asked to join AC/DC, but he wasn't, quote, "what they needed." 

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Skrillex will release a double album this year. 

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System Of A Down Perform At Glen Helen Amphitheater

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