A Mom's Detailed Itinerary Is Going Viral and Rod LOVES it!

Everyone probably knows SOMEONE who over-plans the holidays. And it always falls apart when people aren't "sticking to the schedule."



A guy shared an email that his mom sends him and his siblings every year, outlining the itinerary for the holidays . . . and it's incredibly detailed.



Most of it focuses on the menu for each day, and he says he posted it to show "how it's possible for him to gain 15 pounds in one week."



Here are some of the best lines: "Sunday the 18th: Arrivals . . . There will be puffed popcorn, Chex mix, and various candies available for grazing throughout the day, to include jelly beans and peanut M&Ms."



"Wednesday: Brewery for a late lunch? . . . Or dinner out? . . . Grandma could babysit. Or cocktails? Otherwise dinner at home: Grilled bourbon glazed pork tenderloin with accompaniments."




"Thursday: Evening out. Dress up. Travel to [the] restaurant. Chicken Parmesan dinner, or ribs? I need your input. Cocktails at 5:30. Dinner at 6:30. Is there any interest in bourbon tasting?"



For Christmas Day, mom wants to know if everyone wants to try a BUTTER BOARD. And if so, which kind of bread should go with it?

She also wants to know what kind of potatoes should go with the beef dinner . . . mashed or twice-baked . . . and what kind of cheesecake everyone wants. The options are Snickers, Raspberry, and Blueberry.



The post went viral. Some people said they also have a person in their lives who over-plans the holidays . . . and others just wanted to be INVITED.

The guy said his mom would be "thrilled" that the post was taking off.


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Photo: https://twitter.com/kmelkhat

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