Criminals: Police Are Looking for Man Dressed like a Christmas Tree

Police in Poland is looking for "a man dressed like a Christmas tree" . . . who allegedly slashed tires at a meat warehouse. 

There's surveillance footage, and it might not have been a Christmas tree costume . . . he may have been wearing a camouflage ghillie suit

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A man in Michigan is in jail after leading police on a chase and then stripping naked and hitting a peace officer in the face. 

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A Man Apologized for Setting a Cop Car on Fire, Saying He Does Stupid Things When He's Drunk



Our criminal justice system doesn't give you points for having an AWESOME EXCUSE . . . but if it did, this guy might be deserving.



A 48-year-old man in Florida named Anthony Tarduno wandered up to a police crime scene . . . saw a marked patrol SUV . . . and decided to SET IT ON FIRE.



He walked over to a nearby dumpster . . . pulled out a bag of trash . . . lit it with a lighter . . . and heaved it over to the SUV.



He left the scene to go to a bar . . . but later came back to CONFESS to the police. He told detectives he was "intoxicated" . . . and that when he gets "drunk", he does "stupid things."



He was arrested on two counts of arson and is being held on a $30,000 bond.



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Photo: Getty Images

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