Dream Job…NYC Needs a 'Rat Czar', Job Pays $170,000 a Year!

If you've been waiting for that "dream job" to pop up on LinkedIn, this isn't it. But it does pay well: New York City is looking for a new RAT CZAR to deal with its never-ending rodent issue. And the job listing is oddly graphic.



It says you have to be highly motivated . . . "somewhat BLOODTHIRSTY" . . . have a "killer instinct" and a "swashbuckling attitude" . . . and be up for the, quote, "wholesale SLAUGHTER" of rats.  



Your title would be Director of Rodent Mitigation. So it's a leadership role . . . and it pays up to $170,000 a year.



On top of having a lust for blood, they also want someone with a background in project management and urban planning. It requires a bachelor's degree, and you have to live in New York for three months before you apply.



Don't expect to be pushing papers around all day though. Whoever they hire will have to, quote, "lead from the front, using hands-on techniques to exterminate rodents with authority and efficiency."



You also need to be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.

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Photo: Getty Images

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