CRIMINALS: Watch Video of A 16 Foot Rudolf Inflatable Get Stolen In H-Town!

VIDEO. Watch A 16 Foot Rudolf Inflatable Get Stolen.


First, it was Halloween decorations, now this: A family in Texas is offering a reward for anyone who can help them find a 16-foot Rudolph reindeer, which was stolen from their front lawn. 

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A Man Tried to Steal from a Walmart . . . During a "Shop with a Cop" Event



If you asked a shoplifting expert, the DUMBEST time to steal something is probably when there's a cop in the store. Not that I'm an expert or anything . . . that's just common sense.



It's even worse when the store is FILLED with police officers.



A man in Florida named "Brad" was arrested for allegedly trying to steal from a Walmart . . . WHILE the store was hosting a "Shop with a Cop" event.



There were around 40 cops shopping with kids in the Walmart at the time . . . including the county sheriff.



Not surprisingly, he had drug paraphernalia on him at the time . . . including a meth pipe. It's unclear what he was trying to steal, but in addition to drugs, he had some Versace cologne on him. They haven't said what charges he's facing.


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A Guy Complained to the Cops When He Didn't Make Their Most Wanted List



Everyone wants their 15 minutes, but it might have been better to keep a low profile here . . .



Last week, the sheriff's department in Rockdale County, Georgia . . . just east of Atlanta . . . posted a list of the ten "Most Wanted" criminals they've been trying to track down.



And in the comments, some idiot who WASN'T on the list wrote, "How about ME?" 



His name is Christopher Spaulding, and it turned out he was wanted on two parole violations. He didn't make the list because the charges weren't that serious.



The sheriff's office replied to his comment and said, "You are correct. You have two warrants. We are on the way."



They posted a shot of him in custody on Thursday, and thanked him for assisting in his own arrest.

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First Lady Laura Bush Shows White House Christmas Decorations

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