3 Things You Must See: Mom Pulls a Raccoon Off of Her Daughter's Leg

Mom Pulls an Aggressive Raccoon Off of Her Daughter's Leg



This happened Friday in Ashford, Connecticut. A home surveillance camera filmed a raccoon latching onto the leg of a five-year-old girl who's on her front porch. It won't let go until the girl's mom comes out and grabs it by the neck.



Mom helps the girl get inside WHILE holding onto the raccoon, and then throws it into the yard. The raccoon hasn't been captured, but by its behavior it was probably rabid. The mom and girl are scratched-up, but okay. They will get rabies shots.



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Dad Saves His Toddler from a Coyote Attack in Their Front Yard



A dad in Woodland Hills, California, rescued his two-year-old daughter from a coyote attack in their front yard. He's getting stuff out of his SUV in the driveway when he hears his daughter screaming. She's on the other side of the car.



The coyote grabs the girl's leg and starts dragging her away. He SHOUTS at the animal as he picks up his daughter and carries her to a mom who's on the porch. Then he chases the coyote down the street. 



The girl is okay, but she did have to be vaccinated for rabies. The whole thing was captured on the family's doorbell cam. 

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A guy in California was working under his truck last month when it fell on him. 

But luckily, his 15-year-old son could lift the truck just enough, and a security camera got it on video. The dad ended up with broken ribs, a broken shoulder, and a punctured lung, but he should recover fully.

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Photo: Getty Images

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