Criminals: A Hospital Patient Kept Unplugging Her Roommate's Ventilator

A Hospital Patient Kept Unplugging Her Roommate's Ventilator Because the Sound Was Annoying.



If you're ever in the hospital, it might be worth springing for that private room . . .



A 72-year-old hospital patient in Germany just got arrested . . . for unplugging her roommate's VENTILATOR, because the sound of it was annoying her.



The other patient was a 79-year-old lady who needed the ventilator to breathe and . . . ya know, stay alive.



She did it once, and hospital staff told her not to do it again. They made sure she understood that the ventilator was a life-or-death thing for the woman.



But then she did it again later that night anyway, and almost killed her. Doctors had to revive the woman, and luckily she made it.



The lady who did it was in court on Wednesday. She's facing charges for attempted manslaughter.

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A Father Was Carjacked with His Kids Inside . . . So He Hopped in the Thief's Car and Chased Him Down



If you're going to steal a car . . . don't steal one with KIDS inside. Because parents will do ANYTHING to hunt you down.



A thief in Minneapolis was driving around in a stolen vehicle on Wednesday . . . when he spotted a truck and apparently decided to upgrade.



A man named Derek Gotchie owned the truck . . . and he was getting something out of the back when the thief approached, stole the truck, and drove off. Derek's four kids . . . all under the age of five . . . were inside the truck at the time.



Derek panicked . . . but then he saw the thief's car idling nearby. Derek hopped inside . . . chased the thief down, and then he rear-ended his own truck to put an end to the chase. No one was injured, but the thief ran off and got away.



The Minneapolis Police Department is still investigating and it's unclear if they have any suspects. A GoFundMe has been set up for the family.



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