Music: Tommy Lee on OnlyFans, MÖTLEY CRÜE Plots Another U.S. Tour In 2024

Tommy Lee announced that he's on OnlyFans. 


ButtCheeks ahead


(He first broke the news in this clip from Motley Crue's Vegas show.)

MÖTLEY CRÜE Plots Another U.S. Tour In 2024, Possible Third Las Vegas Residency

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Pearl Jam Pays “Tribute” To Queen Elizabeth With Beatles Cover

Pearl Jam played Toronto the same night Queen Elizabeth passed away, so they took a moment out of their set to sort of pay tribute to the monarch with a new cover.

The band played The Beatles’ “Her Majesty,” a hidden track that plays after “The End” on “Abbey Road.” It certainly wasn’t a traditional tribute, when you consider the lyrics to the song. “Her Majesty is a pretty nice girl/ But she doesn’t have a lot to say,” Paul McCartney sings on the track. “I wanna tell her that I love her a lot/ But I gotta get a belly full of wine/ Her Majesty is a pretty nice girl/ Someday I’m gonna make her mine.”

The band didn’t comment on their odd tribute to the Queen, with Eddie Vedder only saying, “This is just a little one I’mma borrow from Paul — Paul McCartney — for about 90 seconds.” They followed the song with their track “All Those Yesterdays.”

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Fall Out Boy Put Guitar-Based Music On Backburner


According to Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman, going back to the band’s roots is more difficult than you might think. In an interview with "Rolling Stone," he talks about a part of his upcoming memoir “None Of This Rocks” where he mentions that FOB are working on some new rock-oriented music closer to their earlier work, but it might not be happening now.

“We were working on some stuff that was guitar-based,” he told the mag, then said, “I think it, unfortunately, went to the back burner.” Why was it put away? According to Trohman, “We’d have to find a way to do it that doesn’t sound like Fall Out Boy from 2005.”

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Elton John's final U.S. concert will be live-streamed on Disney+.

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There Are Certain Songs Imagine Dragons Will Never Sing Live


During an interview marking the release of the 10th-anniversary edition of “Night Visions,” Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons says there are songs on the band’s latest album that he’ll never perform again because, “It’s not something I want to relive everyday. There’s certain songs I don’t think I’ll ever sing live. “I Wish,” for instance, is one of those songs.”

“I Wish” was written a week after his sister-in-law Alisha Durtschi Reynolds passed away. He says the band brought in Rick Rubin to produce their latest album, but on that one track, Rick told him, “We’re not touching this one. This one just is what it is.” Reynolds says, “I don’t even want to listen to that song.”

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Screening Of "Waiting For Lightning" - After Party

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