Are These the Most Influential Modern Entrepreneurs?

A new poll asked Americans who they thought were the most influential modern entrepreneurs . . .



When asked which modern entrepreneurs have made the most "positive impact" on society, here are the ten who received the most votes:



1.  Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), 21%


2.  Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), 18%


3.  Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple), 18%


4.  Elon Musk (founder of SpaceX, and CEO of Tesla), 17%


5.  Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook), 17%


6.  Oprah Winfrey (co-founder of Oxygen, and the founder of "O, The Oprah Magazine"), 15%


7.  Melinda Gates (co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), 14%


8.  Sam Walton (founder of Walmart and Sam's Club), 13%


9.  Larry Page (co-founder of Google), 12%


10.  Ted Turner (founder of CNN), 11%

Some of the ones which didn't fare as well include:

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger (co-founders of Instagram), 8%


Jessica Alba (founder of Honest), 8%


Garrett Camp (co-founder of Uber), 8%


Kylie Jenner (founder of Kylie Cosmetics), 8%


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