SCAMMER ALERT!! 🚨 Bodybuilder Collected Over $200K In Disability

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…be careful what you post on social media…because the cops, the government, AND the insurance investigators all have the Internet, too. Anthony Ragusa didn’t get the memo. Back in 2013, Ragusa suffered a fall at work. Afterwards, he said his back injuries made it so he had trouble bending over, “couldn’t walk for more than 15 minutes” or sit for more than 30 minutes. Since then, he’s collected over $200K in benefits. That would’ve been fine…except on Instagram, the story was totally different. Ragusa not only ran a limo company, but was an “avid weightlifter.” In fact, his wife’s social media page was filled with pics and stories about him “lifting and training in gyms.” After pleading guilty to second-degree larceny, Ragusa will have to pay back all the money he swindled, and he’s on probation for five years.

Source: MSN

Photo: Getty Images

And while we are on the subject of scammers...did y'all hear about the local chick who convinced people to invest in property that wasn't even for sale???

‘She was very charming’: Houston-area YouTuber who scammed nearly $136K from 8 investors sentenced to prison, DA says - read full KPRC STORY HERE

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