Oh No!!! The Latest Supply Chain Shortage: Sriracha

By now, you've surely been affected by AT LEAST one "supply chain shortage" since the pandemic began . . .



And the latest shortfall is Sriracha hot sauce. 



The company that makes it is Huy Fong Foods, and they recently told customers that they probably won't be able to meet demand this year because the supply of chili peppers has been tightening due to supply chain issues and poor weather conditions in Mexico.



The company said they've been struggling with chili pepper supply since July of 2020, but they hope they can "resume production as normal" with their fall harvest.



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(Meanwhile, other "shortages" that are still in the news include Tampons . . .


airline pilots . . . movie theater popcorn . . . wheat . . . pet food . . . nurses . . . lifeguards . . . rental cars . . .


and of course the ongoing baby formula issue.)

Community Takes Legal Action Against Sriracha Hot Sauce Factory Over Chile Scent In Air

Photo: Getty Images

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