Have A Look At The Future of Restaurant Drive-Thru?   

There haven't been many advancements in fast food drive-thru design . . . other than stuff like digital screens to quickly check your order, and re-routing the line to keep it from spilling into the street. 



But Taco Bell is opening a new drive-thru "concept" in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota TODAY . . . and it's a glimpse into the future.  There are two main perks: 



There are four lanes, and each has a special designation.  Two are only for customers who pre-ordered through the app . . . one is dedicated to delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash . . . and one is for traditional orders. 



To handle four lanes, the building is two stories, and you actually drive below a portion of the second floor.  And instead of your food being handed to you through a window, it's sent DOWN to you in a mini elevator called a "vertical lift." 



These new drive-thrus are called "Taco Bell Defy," and while there's nothing EARTH-SHATTERING about the design, the idea is to reduce service times for drive-thru orders to under TWO MINUTES, and this could do that.  Oh, and it's all about drive-thru at "Taco Bell Defy."  There's no indoor dining.  

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(Here's a photo 

and a local news report from Minnesota when they first announced that they'd be building one of these there. 

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Photo: Getty Images

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