Criminals: A Man Robbed a Bank A Day After Doing Eight-Years in Prison

A Man Robbed a Bank . . . the Day After He Finished an Eight-Year-Prison Sentence? 



Prisons should have SOME KIND of rehabilitation programs because criminals don't always "learn their lesson" . . . just by serving time. 



A 59-year-old man in Florida named Timothy Jones was released from prison last Wednesday, after serving eight years for a bank robbery in 2013. 



Then, on Thursday . . . the NEXT DAY . . . he allegedly robbed another bank in Florida. 



He walked in . . . said that he had a gun . . . demanded $150,000 in cash . . . then carjacked a Toyota Camry . . . and fled the area.  It's unclear how much cash he got away with. 



If he learned anything, it MIGHT be evading the authorities.  Last we heard, cops were still looking for him.  He's wanted for armed bank robbery and carjacking in Orlando.  He was last seen wearing a blue short-sleeved polo shirt, blue cargo shorts, and white socks. 



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(Here's a surveillance image of Timothy.)

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