Criminals: A Guy Crashed into a FedEx Truck While Receiving A Mouth Hug!

A Guy Crashed into a FedEx Truck While Receiving A Mouth Hug!



This is the exact injury you'd expect to see here:  Some guy in Fort Lauderdale crashed into a FedEx truck on Thursday . . . while receiving ORAL FAVORS from a woman in the passenger's seat. 



He apparently got distracted and swerved into oncoming traffic.  Luckily no one was seriously injured, but he did sustain "injuries to his private area."  It's not clear how bad those injuries were, but police said they were, quote, "due to what was going on at the time of the crash." 



There's a photo of the crash scene, and it looks pretty bad.  He hit the truck head-on.  And if you look closely, you can see him lying on the street next to the car . . . with his pants still down around his ankles.  The woman with him is off to the left and also looks shaken up.  (Here's the photo.) 

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Do you ever wonder how closely they check the WHEELCHAIRS that go through separate screening at airports?  

Well, a man got caught trying to roll through security at an airport in North Carolina with 23 pounds of cocaine.  The drugs had an estimated street value of $378,000.  

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A Guy Did $5 Million in Damage at a Museum Because He Was "Mad at His Girl"  



This guy could have just punched a hole in a wall or something.  But I guess this would blow off steam too . . . 



A 21-year-old named Brian Hernandez was mad at his girlfriend last Wednesday night.  So he broke into the Dallas Museum of Art around 9:30 P.M. . . . and destroyed over $5 MILLION worth of art and artifacts. 



He used a stool to break into two display cases and smashed a Greek vase and pot from the 5th and 6th centuries, B.C.  So about 2,500 years old. 



Those alone were worth about $5 million.  He also smashed a bowl worth $100,000, and a weird bottle shaped like an alligator worth 10 grand. 



Security guards stopped him before he did any more damage.  He told cops that he, quote, "got mad at his girl, so he broke in and started destroying property." 



They charged him with criminal mischief of more than $300,000.  The penalty for that is five years to LIFE in prison.  



(Here's his mugshot.  And here are photos of the vasepotbowl, and bottle.) 

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An Inmate Broke Out and Tried to Get Away on a Child's Bike 



 This guy might have had a better chance if he'd just hoofed it . . . 



Late last month, an inmate in Tennessee named Ricky Roach escaped from a hospital and tried to get away on a CHILD'S BIKE. 



He found a girls bicycle and took off on it.  It doesn't sound like it was being used at the time, because it only had one pedal.  The other pedal was missing. 



Police put out an alert over the radio, and an off-duty cop named Steven Ellis heard it.  Then he looked out his kitchen window and saw Ricky pushing the bike up a steep hill. 



Steven ran out . . . said he was a cop . . . and told him to stop.  He says Ricky looked exhausted and didn't even argue.  He just laid down on the ground and waited to be arrested. 



He was on the run for two hours and only made it two miles.  Now he's back in jail. 



Police are trying to figure out who the bike belongs to.  People have already offered to fix it up, or just buy the kid a new one.



(Here's Ricky's mugshot, and here's a photo of the bike.) 

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Distribution Begins Of Moderna's Covid-19 Vaccine

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