A Disneyland Paris Employee Ruined a Guy's Marriage Proposal

Disney parks won't let you just hop up on an outdoor stage, even if it's empty. We know this because one of their employees just enforced the rule in the middle of someone's PROPOSAL.



A guy at Disneyland Paris took his girlfriend up onto a stage in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and got down on one knee.



But right in the middle of it, an employee in Mickey Mouse ears sprinted on stage . . . ran in between them . . . SNAGGED THE RING out of the guy's hand . . . and told them to get down.



Their friend posted a video of it on Reddit and claims the guy who proposed asked for permission first. He asked a different employee if it was okay, and she said go for it. 



Near the end of the video, you can see him point at someone off-camera and say "she said it was okay." Then the Mickey Mouse guy tells him proposing in front of the stage will be "even better." But obviously the moment was ruined by then.



Disney put out a statement about it. They said they've apologized to the couple . . . "regret how [it] was handled" . . . and they've "offered to make it right." 



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Photo: Getty Images

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