Music: Corey Taylor Announces New Slipknot Music Coming Soon!

New Slipknot Music Is Coming

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor put smiles on the faces of maggots all over the world during a show this week in Cincinnati. During a break between songs, Taylor told the crowd that new Slipknot music is coming “very f***ing soon.”

We don’t know much about the new album, and not even Corey knows when it’s coming; he said to the crowd “Now, we don’t have an exact date, but I’m here to tell you, you’re not going to be waiting very, very f***ing long.”

Earlier this year, Taylor said the new album sounds “like a heavier version” of the band’s 2004 record “Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses).”

Warning Explicit Language

MGK Introduces His Mom To Fans

Machine Gun Kelly is introducing his mom to fans. The rapper-turned-pop-punk artist grew up without having a relationship with his mom. However, last year he tweeted that fans were responsible for their long-awaited reunion. On Wednesday, he posted a photo with her on Instagram. Naturally, fans were over the moon and shared kind comments on the picture. 

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15 Songs That Woke People from a Coma


In Season 4 of "Stranger Things", your favorite song can save your life. And that's true in real life, too. put together a list of 15 times that a song actually woke someone up from a coma. Here are some highlights:



1.  "Rolling in the Deep",  Adele . . . A 7-year-old girl was in a coma due to a brain hemorrhage, and doctors weren't sure she'd ever wake up, but after she heard this song with her mom singing along, she woke up and smiled.



2.  "You're Beautiful",  James Blunt . . . A 5-year-old was in a coma for 10 days after falling and fracturing her skull. She slowly started to wake up after hearing this song over the hospital's PA system.



3.  "American Idiot",  Green Day . . . A 9-year-old was on life support for two weeks after being hit by a car, but after his mom played him the entire album, he opened his eyes within the hour.



4.  "Unchained Melody",  The Righteous Brothers . . . A woman was in a coma for months due to a brain hemorrhage, but woke up and nodded when her husband played their wedding song.



5.  "Livin' on a Prayer",  Bon Jovi . . . A 22-year-old woke up and started mouthing the words to this when his parents turned it on for him. He had run his car straight into a tree.



6. A Bryan Adams concert . . . A woman was in a coma for SIX YEARS, so her mom got permission from the doctor to take her to a concert . . . during the show, she opened her eyes and started moving.



7.  "Gangnam Style",  Psy . . . A young Chinese girl was in a coma for 258 DAYS, when her mother started humming it to her. The girl laughed, then eventually woke up and learned to speak and walk again.


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Does Kanye Want His Own Amusement Park?


We all know KANYE WEST is a little full of himself. But does he think he deserves his own AMUSEMENT PARK?



Last week, he filed to trademark the Yeezus name for 17 different uses. They include:



Stores, toys, games, sporting equipment, buttons, clothing, bags, household items, cosmetics, cryptocurrencies and NFTs . . . and yes, amusement parks.



Obviously, there's no actual word on what's coming . . . but would it be at all off-brand for Kanye to be planning a Yeezyworld?



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Ozzy Osbourne And Corey Taylor Special Announcement

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