Criminals: Someone Broke into a Place in Pennsylvania Only Steals Pierogis

Someone Broke into a Place in Pennsylvania and Only Stole Pierogis


If you're familiar with the most-loved foods in Pennsylvania, there's actually nothing weird about this at all . . .



A 26-year-old guy in the town of Trout Run, Pennsylvania called the cops last month after someone broke into his apartment . . . and only stole PIEROGIS.  (Trout Run is in central P.A., about 90 miles north of Harrisburg.)



They took a five-pound bag of Mrs. T's pierogis out of the freezer and left. Now police are trying to track down whoever did it.



A five-pound bag has 60 pierogis in it. The police report lists the value as $10. And whoever stole them also did $10 worth of damage to the drywall in the kitchen. So that's 20 bucks total.  ($10 in drywall damage? What's that, a missing nail?)



Police say their "investigation is ongoing." It's not clear if they have any solid leads yet.



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(Here's what the bag of pierogis looks like.)

A Guy's Angry Girlfriend Crashed a Mack Truck into Their Mobile Home


 The reports on this don't mention alcohol. But it happened around 3:45 A.M. on Memorial Day, so we're guessing it may have been a factor.



A 56-year-old woman in Piedmont, Alabama named Rhonda Young got into an argument with her boyfriend early Monday morning.



And she decided the best way to win the fight . . . was by crashing a Mack truck through their MOBILE HOME.



It's not clear who owns the home, or the truck. But she hopped in and crashed directly into the front of their place while the boyfriend was standing on the porch.



He was treated for leg and ankle injuries at a nearby hospital. His daughter and granddaughter were also inside when it happened, but they're fine.



Rhonda is okay too, or will be. She's sporting a pretty nasty black eye in her mugshot. But it didn't happen in the crash, apparently.



The boyfriend's ex heard about it and showed up to make sure her daughter and granddaughter were okay. And Rhonda grabbed her by the THROAT.



Police say that's what led to the black eye. Rhonda's facing charges for assault and attempted murder. 



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(Here's the mugshot.)

Customer Says St. Louis McDonald’s Employee Pointed Rifle At Her Through Drive-Thru Window

Customer Says St. Louis McDonald’s Employee Pointed Rifle At Her Through Drive-Thru Window: Officers responded to a call from a customer at a McDonald’s in the Penrose neighborhood of St. Louis this week who said an employee had pointed a rifle at her through the drive-thru window while she was trying to get food. Employees initially wouldn’t let the police enter the restaurant when they arrived, and when they finally did get inside, they found a rifle and another gun in the women’s room. The 22-year-old male employee identified by the customer was taken into custody.

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