3 Things You Must See: Amazing Grace Played on Bagpipes Made of Trash Bags

"Amazing Grace" Played on Bagpipes Made of Trash Bags


Here's a Flashback Friday from 2010. A guy named Steve took a trash bag, some straws, and a couple of recorders . . . and made his own bagpipes. It worked well enough for him to play a pretty good version of "Amazing Grace".



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Why Does This Woman Keep Saying "Use Your Crotch"?


Have you ever sat in one of those giant chairs they have in tourist areas? The idea is to have someone take a photo or video of you looking like a tiny human. Two women in the U.K. climbed up on one, but couldn't get back down. 



And their friend filming it was no help. She just kept telling them to, quote, "Use your crutch" because one of them has a crutch in her hand. But with the accent, it sounds like she says "use your CROTCH." She says it six times.



(Warning: She says "Jesus Christ" at 0:03 and 0:05 . . . and again at 0:39.  Search Viral Hog for "When You Get Stuck in a Giant Chair.")


Tot Tells Mom She's Not Interested In Bedtime...With Her Finger

Mom informs Elka it's bedtime...Elka ignores her. Then mom presses the issue...and well, Elka salutes her idea...with ONE FINGER.

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