Food: Lil Nas X And M&M’s Announce New Collaboration

Lil Nas X And M&M’s Announce New Collaboration

Lil Nas X has teamed up with M&M’s to lay “the groundwork for a new platform” that promises to concentrate on the celebration of music and connection building – word is, we’ll see it this year.

But that’s about the only detail we know. Neither Lil Nas X nor M&Ms are spilling anything. “M&M’S is iconic and I’m a huge fan of the brand,” he says in a statement. “I’m excited to work with them on some really cool projects this year that are as colorful as they are.”

Mars Wrigley Senior Brand director Allison Miazga-Bedrick notes, “Music is one of the most powerful tools to bring people together.” To find out more about what’s happening, visit and hit up their socials.

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America’s Favorite Pizza Chains Are…

Just about everyone loves pizza – that’s a fact. Generally speaking, they’ve also got a local favorite – but sometimes, ya gotta hit a chain. Now, the TOP Agency research firm has compiled some stats regarding America’s favorite pizza chains.

It may sound a little creepy, but they apparently analyzed offline GPS data of millions of Americans along with connections to 12 of the largest pizza chains across 48 states in the US. That’s how they determined the top five chains in each state and learned a lot about American pizza consumption preferences.

The top five pizza restaurants in every state can be found on the map HEREbut apparently, Little Caesar’s came in at number one in 16 states – making it the most popular pizza chain in the country (by the number of state victories). Other findings include:

  • New York is surpassed by 30 states in pizza consumption per person.
  • Pizza chain restaurants are very popular in the majority of the country, but mom-and-pop pizzerias remain a good choice.
  • In 2022, there’s been a 32% increase in overall visits to pizza chains
  • 54% of people say that pineapple does not belong on a pizza.

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Get Free Donuts All Summer Long From Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme has an offer good for the entire summer (June 8th to Labor Day) – and whenever the Hot Light is on (at a location that has one) guests can receive one free original glazed donut with no purchase necessary.

For those who don’t know, the Hot Light is a signature at many Krispy Kreme locations as explained by Reader's Digest and is turned on when fresh donuts are being made.

The promotion is part of the “Sweet New Deal” designed to offer cheer customers up while most of our belts are seriously tightening. With that in mind, hit up your local Krispy Kreme tomorrow for a free donut of your choice in celebration of National Donut Day.

  • And don’t forget, starting June 8th, the week’s national average gas price per gallon will determine the cost of one dozen original glazed donuts. It’s called the "Beat the Pump" deal and will be available on Wednesdays through August 31st.

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Aldi Has Five New Frozen Treats For June

It’s summertime and Aldi is rolling out five new frozen treats to help everyone beat the heat. The new products range from ice creams, sorbets and Italian ices. Here’s what to expect:

  • FatBoy Caramel Praline Ice Cream Cones – These showed up in stores yesterday, June 1 and are ready to be filled with your favorite ice cream or frozen dessert.
  • Sundae Shoppe Italian Ice – also released yesterday, these come in cherry and lemon flavors.
  • FatBoy Orange Cream Freeze Pops – These are basically an orange creamsicle similar to what you would find on your local ice cream truck and are being released on June 8th.
  • Barq’s Root Beer Squeezie – Look for these on June 15th. They are “Frozen Root Beer & Vanilla Ice Cream Floats” in a squeezie tube.
  • Sundae Sherbet Quarts Shoppe – You’ll need to wait until June 29th to get your hands on these sherbets, just in time for July 4th

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